Attracting Sponsors

A successful fundraiser requires a lot of time and effort to be put into it. One aspect that many tend to miss out on it’s fullest potential, is obtaining sponsorship. Obtaining business sponsors may seem overwhelming and scary at first but the reward is well worth the effort! The good news is, sponsorships give businesses better returns than traditional efforts and advertising.

So, how do you get those sponsors in the first place?
Take these steps to get the most out of your fundraiser!

    • Brainstorm a list of sponsors with your group. Many parents may own their own businesses or know local business owners.
    • Place a call to the prospective sponsor. You’ll want to have your proposal and the facts about your event ready to go. Who will be there? What are the demographics? What’s your marketing plan for the event? What are the sponsorship fees/options to select from? Etc. Most importantly, make your proposal more about THEM than you. Show them how sponsoring your event will help benefit their company and in turn, accomplish their advertising goals.
    • Are you raising money for a specific group, cause, or family? Sponsors like to align themselves with a partner who is bettering the community. Let your sponsor know that you’ve selected a fundraising company that allows you to keep 100% of the donations you receive. They will be more likely to give to a fundraiser that aligns with how they want to be seen to the community.
    • Follow up after your phone call or meeting. A personalized letter or email is key. Thank them for their support, finalize the agreement, and collect your fees.

Not sure what to offer your sponsors? Start with the three most popular items: offer space on the back of your t-shirts, goodie bags with their promotional material enclosed, or booth space at your event.

  • Most importantly, don’t let your hard work go to waste!
    Select a fundraising program that allows you to keep maximum profit. My School Color Run’s goal is that each event is as financially successful as possible. This means that every penny you bring in through donations and sponsorships is yours to keep.

Obtaining sponsorships should be a main point of focus if you’re looking to host a successful event. Developing important relationships with those in your community will provide you with the stability you’ll need to grow your fundraiser year after year.