Direct Mailers Boost Funds

Technology, while fast, reliable, and effective, can only offer so much. The one thing it can feel like it’s missing is that special touch like the feeling you get when you receive a personalized letter in the mail or a package at your door.

You’re going to have an awesome event and you want people to know about it! Lawn signs can grab the attention of your local audience but a piece of mail directly to their home will make a big impact.

Here’s a few key tips to keep in mind when sending your direct mailers:

  • Hand write the address. A personalized letter will always add a special touch and is more likely to be opened.
  • Be informative and clear about how they can make their donation or sign up for your event. Offering an online option can help boost the amount you receive.
  • Be thankful for their support and consider offering specials for those who donate a certain amount.
  • Stay in touch with your donors! After the event, it’s nice to send out one final thank you to all those who donated. They will feel appreciated and remember the experience.