How Does a FUNDrun© Work?

As a school teacher or administrator, you know that there is a lot that goes into producing an event. Where do you start with a color run? Is it the right fundraiser for your organization? We’ve put some guidelines here, and more detail can be found in our FAQ’s.

What You'll Need

Natural Course

A Space to Run

We recommend a grassy natural area for your color run event so that the colors will be washed or mowed away without the need to clean up or get additional permits. If your space is limited, you can run several loops!

Lead Time

Lead Time

Based on our experience, a minimum of twelve weeks is the optimal amount of time for planning and promoting your event. Please contact us with questions regarding lead time.



We’ve found that events with a team leader are the most successful. During the planning process, it will be important to have a point person who can rally the troops and create excitement around the event.

Sponsorships and Donations


Sponsors will help take your fundraiser to the next level by increasing visibility and adding credibility. The funds they provide also enable you to scale and increase the quality of your fundraiser. They are partners in the success of your event.

Sponsorships and Donations


The increased credibility that comes from sponsors will help with donations, which are the secret sauce for an ultra-successful FUNDrun. Sponsors and donations make up the foundational community support needed for a great FUNDrun.



Your school size will determine the number of runners for your event. You’ll need to have a minimum of 100 people, but we will work with you if you are a bit short of that. This minimum is to ensure that your resources and ours are utilized to maximize your success and funds!

What We Provide


Starting with a checklist that helps you confirm things like your date, location, and permissions, we’ll make sure that all your “i’s” are dotted and your “t’s” crossed. Once we have that you’ll sign the Agreement and pay the deposit and we’ll send you our Detailed Program Guide, where you’ll learn about all the logistical details as well as how to start promoting your event.

All the Paperwork You’ll Need

After an initial discovery process, we’ll customize the paperwork to your specific event, to help you with things like getting the proper permissions, writing press releases, and posting flyers. For your event day, you’ll find sample route schematic, certificates, and a materials checklist with recommendations.

Event Day Supplies

Two weeks prior to your event, you will notify us of your total number of participants and we will ship your MSCR event day supplies. These include supplies for the run itself as well as a kit for each participant. Three weeks shipping lead time is required for custom T-shirt printing and for shipping to Hawaii and Alaska.