Our New Online Pledge System?

MSCR is pleased to provide a user-friendly online fundraising platform that makes it fun and effortless to ask for donations. It will significantly increase the overall funds raised during your MSCR program. Each family of your school or group to will follow simple instructions to create a custom donation page and a personalized message. Friends and family receive the customized message by text or email and then simply click on a secure link to make an online donation.

Why use the My School Color Run Pledge System?

1).  Work Less

The system tracks online donations in real time eliminating the need to enter pledges manually. Donations received offline can be put into the system so you can see your total fundraising effort.

Our MSCR staff will be more have happy to help set up the system so you can boost your fundraising efforts to the next level! Contact us today!

2).  Raise More Funds

Event participants upload a photo and send a personalized pledge request via email and/or text message to family and friends. These contacts can be imported from an email address book or manually entered. Use social media to reach friends and family who can’t attend the run to contribute, who live outside your community or those who are unable to be reached by email or text message. On average, half of the pledge request sent become donations. Automated donation reminders are sent to family and friends that have not donated.

The initial fundraising goal is set by the participant’s school or group and increases as donations are made. This increase encourages donors to continue donating and helps the student strive for higher goals. However, parents have an option to adjust the goal settings by increasing the amount or turning off the automatic increase function.

3).  Easy to Use

Each family has one fundraising page, so the system will send one combined donation request to avoid duplication and split the donation between each family participant.  Families would receive an email notification if a pledge request were unable to be delivered so it can be corrected and re-sent.  Families will also receive an email notification after a donation is completed while the donor gets a personalized thank you from the participant with a tax receipt.

If donors or families have any issues, they can receive support via a toll-free number seven days a week.

School/group administrators also have a dashboard showing essential fundraising metrics and reports for prize determination and deposit tracking.

This platform is rich with features and so easy to use making it possible for your organization to keep 85% of the funds raised online.

School/Group Admin Dashboard

Family Page

Donor Page