Why Work with My School Color Run?

Our Service

At My School Color Run© we pride ourselves on our stellar customer service. When you sign on with us, you’ll be assigned a dedicated customer service rep who will work with you every step of the way to help you produce a successful and profitable fundraiser.

They’ll answer your questions and address your concerns, leveraging the knowledge they’ve gained from helping hundreds of schools and organizations. As events professionals, their mission is to make the process as seamless as possible. Why go it alone when you can have our expert FUNDrunners© coaching you every step of the way? After you’ve put on a successful FUNDrun© we feel confident that, just like so many of our customers, you’ll make our color runs your “go-to” fundraiser year after year.

 The event was spectacular. Amazing couldn’t begin to describe it. There was a ton of laughter and great times. Your program guide and assistance throughout the process was essential to our success. 

R. Nigro, Tarrytown PTA, NY

Our Experience

My School Color Run has helped over a thousand schools and organizations in all fifty states produce successful fundraising color runs.

Our Program

Our program is designed to maximize your fundraising. Because we charge a flat fee per participant and do not take a percentage of any additional revenue, the value of our program increases with every participant, and the amount that you can raise is basically unlimited using our tried and true methods.

Beyond the financial benefits, these events promote community, fitness, and family – the best values of all.